Whilst our main aim is to ensure that you enjoy your time at The Crochet Sanctuary, the health and safety of our guests is paramount, especially during COVID-19

  1. We reserve the right to change the venue, so that our events can be hosted in a way that IS COVID safe for all of our guests 

  2. If you are feeling unwell with COVID symptoms: A high temperautre - A new continuous cough - a loss or change to your sense of smell or taste you must not under any circumstances attend the event​​

  3. Whilst walking around our venue you must where a face covering unless you are exempt

  4. Every day upon entering The Crochet Sanctuary room we will be carrying out temperature checks

  5. Hand sanitiser stations are placed around the entire venue, however this will also be provided for you upon your arrival to The Crochet Sanctuary

  6. Face shields will also be provided by The Crochet Sanctuary

  7. Each seat at The Crochet Sanctuary will be distanced by at least 1.5 metres and separated by a table

  8. Whilst you are sat at your seat it is not compulsory to where your shield, however upon leaving your seat we would kindly ask you to use your shield/face covering to protect all guests

  9. During meals breakfast/lunch/evening meal we will be unable to be seated as a group, we will be sat in groups of 6 and the venue will be offering table service only.

  10. In line with Government guidelines the bar and restaurant will close at 10pm.

  11. Should your event be hosted at Cottons Spa Hotel there will be bottles placed in your room, for you to use the cold milk and water dispensers in the hallways.

  12. Refreshments are  unlimited throughout your stay, however snacks will be provided in a bag for each guest to prevent any contamination

  13. We strongly advise that you keep your distance from other guests and remember "Hands, face, space"